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The postpartum recovery is really exhausting, everything looks rosy with your baby finally in arms after a long wait. However, not everything is like that, you feel bloated and your body feels that it is not your right.

I tell you about my experience because when I went through that stage it was a confusing feeling, I was happy because I had the most longed-for person by my side, but when I saw myself in the mirror I cried and cried.

Between my hormones that were potentized until my swelling, everything was relatively chaotic. However, not everything was crying and going crazy, I did not take it badly. It was a very good stage, and more with the help of postpartum compression wrap.

With this everything was easier, everything settled where I should go and little by little my body took its initial shape.

Belly wrap for after pregnancy it made my life a lot easier. I felt that my life was back to normal and that’s how I was able to put on my clothes before I was pregnant.

To those who are going through this process or are about to spend, I highly recommend using a postpartum belt, YoYo belt it´s a great option.

Shefajas try to get so that you are ready and as soon as you can use it and do not stop using it for a good few weeks.


You can see the results and so only worry that your baby will sleep more than 3 hours in a row,



Si te gusto, compartelo !

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