Si te gusto, compartelo !

I continue with the euphoria of the tshirts, well my style has always had them very present in my closet, for me it is the garment super basic I have used for a long time ago, however now that the season has put them in sight , Because I am more than happy because I can find very original designs.

And if I did not find the style I want simple I do it myself, like this shirt, I saw a photo and I said God, I have to have it I could not but love, and since I did not know where to get it, I did it myself.

By the way super disappear by this my favorite place but my occupations have had me without time, but certainly since I must make some time for it, so here I will be more followed.

Star t-shirt / By myself Leather skirt / Vintage Heels / Zara (Old)

But good here I will be more followed that I hope! And more than anything if they like to follow me in my social networks they find me as lalouuula, also in Instagram can see my daily looks.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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