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Being an advertising executive, I cannot avoid having to mingle at our clients and I should attend all the parties that we are holding every time. Now taking care of our clients is one thing, but finding a dress to wear is another for I seemed to have worn all the dresses in my closet on all of our office events. And it even reaches to a point when I really had a hard time looking for a dress that I ended up buying a crappy gown at a nearby store. I got very frustrated because I know that I need to have a great-looking dress all the time, but I just don’t know where to get it. Lucky for me, I overheard one of my officemates that she got her dress over the internet so I tried to do it as well.


It’s going to be a first time for me shopping for clothes online, so there’s no denying that I’m a bit apprehensive at first. But being able to check a few sites and see their beautiful dresses somehow changed my mind right away and I got drawn into checking more websites that offer fine qualities of gown and dresses. Here are some of the dress designs that instantly caught my attention:

I found this on one of the premier bridal websites that also sells gowns to be worm at different events. I was simply attracted by the style of the dress that fits perfectly to any formal event that I’ll be attending.

On the other hand, I saw this dress at the green guide website. The Green Guide provides multiple selections of what to wear for cocktail or evening parties such as sexy, formal, modest, and even vintage styles. I can definitely take advantage of all the designs they are offering.

And this one, I found it on one of the auction sites online. What’s amazing about this dress is that it was my by one of the top designers in Europe and yet you can get it for almost 40% off the regular price that you normally buy from malls and boutiques. Now I know why there are so many people who are into online shopping nowadays because of the great quality of products that you can get at marked down prices.  

Now I have an idea where to get my dress should my company will host another evening party. I think I might try ordering at the green guide and try their gowns or I can opt to try bid for that dress at the auction site. No matter where I will buy my dress online, at least I know where to get my dress this time I wouldn’t have to worry about my party dress anymore.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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