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I’ve been super absent from my blog, I’ve had some very favorable changes in my life, and that is why I stay away from the networks, but here I am with a new attitude, and above all to recommend super cool pages, where you will see beautiful models like I recommend them widely.

Graduation dress


And I love the graduation dresses that ever pretty has since they are super beautiful, original designs and with an incredible fit

You can rarely wear a white dress, unless it’s your wedding, I say it because in my country if you go to a guest wedding dressed in white is a bad habit, that’s why I feel that graduation can be the perfect event for this choice a White graduation dresses

Definitely the Graduation dresses 

from Ever Pretty for me they are an excellent option, and not only for that event but for any other event.


I leave the links so you can go directly to the page and see what there is.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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